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Kanoto-Kokusai-Masu-Tsurijo (Kanoto-Kokusai Trout Fishing Pond)

The “Kanoto-Kokusai-Masu-Tsurijo (Kanoto-Kokusai Trout Fishing Pond), which opened in 1963, is a fishing pond with attractive forest greenery and clear streams. Many tourists visit throughout the fishing season because even children and beginners can easily enjoy this activity.

There is a barbecue area inside the fishing place, and you can enjoy freshly caught fish while looking at the nature and clear stream of Hinohara-mura Village. There are also the popular sightseeing spots “Kanoto-iwa Rock” and “Hossawa-no-Taki Waterfall” in its neighborhood so you can stop by these as well while sightseeing.

Address: 3387 Kanoto, Hinohara-mura, Nishi-tama-gun, Tokyo 190-0203

Tel: 042-598-0132