Another Tokyo TAMA

Of the “Japan’s 100 major waterfalls”, the “Hossawa-no-taki” is the only one located in Tokyo. Hossawa, also called a “rainmaking waterfall,” has a legend that its master dragon once lived in the depths of the waterfall basin into which the water plunges down into from some 60 meters above. The waterfall used to be called “Hossu-no-taki” because the look of water falling down resembles drooping hossu (a priest’s horsehair flapper). From that it came to be called “Hossu-sawa,” from which comes the present name “Hossawa.” The waterfall, together with the trees growing thick around it, shows attractive expressions that change by season; the views of spring and autumn foliage and the frozen waterfall in winter are all impressive.

Hossawa-no-taki waterfalls
☆Address: Honjuku, Hinohara-mura, Nishi-Tama-gun, Tokyo
☆TEL: 042-598-0069 (General Incorporated Association Hinohara Mura Tourism Association)