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Hinohara Tokyo Citizen’s Forest

At the foot of Mito-san Mountain, the highest point of Okutama-sanzan (three mountains of Okutama), Hinohara Tokyo Citizen’s Forest is a mountain park where you can feel close to nature. Mito-Otaki Fall, a famous place in Hinohara-mura Village, flows through the park. Here you can approach the waterfall with its height of 35 meters.


The promenade, which is crowded with hikers and tourists, is registered as a therapy spot, and hiking while feeling the greenery and fresh air is recommended. The Wood Craft Center and Bird Watching Hut are full of nature related events where one may discover new things throughout the four seasons.

Address: 7146 Hinohara Village, Nishitama District, Tokyo 190-0221

Tel: 042-598-6006