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Kozukue-ke-jutaku Tea room Ango

Kozukue-ke-jutaku is the oldest Japanese-Western eclectic house in Itsukaichi. It is said that it was built around the 8th year of the Meiji era by a Kozukue-ke family who made a fortune in the forestry Industry in the latter half of the Edo period. It is said that the 7th owner Kozukue Sanzaemon, who built this house, was greatly inspired by the Western-style architecture of the Ginza-rengagai (Ginza Brick Town) of the Meiji era, and was built to imitate the Western-style colonnade and the second-floor balcony. It is open to the public only during the Tokyo Culture Properties Week period around November 3rd, but you can enter the café inside the building even outside this period.

Address: 490 Sannai, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo 190-0162